06 November 2023

their heart a balloon

how much space can a single person take up, a single person,

their heart a balloon, filling more with air than blood,

and the vessel lifts them up 

past themselves, past what matters, and the space taken up becomes infinite,

without apology

05 November 2023

wrong god

The brightest screen is replacing the sky today, and the dangers behind it are hidden in wires. 

"You will get your money," she said, her voice, fractal, a prism, the smallest wave or beam...

..."just let me see the tangle of wires."

And just like that, the father slit her throat, her blood shining and sparkling, a currency of stars.

She saw nothing but the blur narrowing as she realized she put her trust in the wrong god.


Revisiting the worst in us goes beyond a short trial period. It has to uproot the dried and damaged, for they died of thirst, and you were too late to properly tend to them.

Let's reflect on this tangible fact for a moment, as the roots turn to dust in your palms -- just who do you think you are, exactly?

And do you know anything about nurturing these children?

Because you wear the gloves and overalls. You wear the straw hat. You even brought the proper canteen. 

But you left your other tools at home. Your boots are clean and new. And your eyes track the movement of the sun in the sky a bit too eagerly.

You don't want to take your time. You want to hurry up, and get out of here.

Revisiting the worst in us is tedious and grueling. It isn't for the weak. Confess your crimes to the seedlings, and pretend you know something, anything, about nurturing these children.

Because you're needed.