31 December 2015

new year

the calendar crumbles, little piles of forgiveness.
wet the clay again, again.
each attempt, a statue
each statue, a child--
an unruly promise, a life on its own.

dark eyes look at the sun.
bodies baking, promises finalizing
until the old is new again, again.
each attempt, another chance
each chance, another year.

07 December 2015


She was a happy girl
the day that she left me.
- Stone Temple Pilots, "Sour Girl"

If each small word
were a breath
and I counted
each one you stole,
I would be empty,
a cavity, and you would
be richer, claiming
you earned the right
to each thought.
You'd call me a liar.
I'd watch as your teeth
fall out, one by one,
each a trinket
for my troubles, the debt
never fully repaid.