25 February 2013

Waiting to Spoil

We broke each other's hearts,
cracked thin little shells over the heat.
It happened gradually, with clumsy hands.
We let each other down,
not easily, not intentionally,
but we let each other down:
our hands hard, our fingers joint-less,
holding each other's hearts
over the black gas stove.
                                                     We punctured the membranes
with our sharp little traumas.
When the insides cooked,
the scent filled our nostrils
and we questioned whether to feast
or to turn the heat completely off
and let the evidence of our failures
grow cold and stick to the sides of grief,
waiting to spoil.

1 comment:

  1. u could quote ian curtis from Joy Division. love will tear us apart. relationships are difficult. we feel atypical & non-functional. it isn't your fault though. it is a partnership. grievances are derived from both genders. the secret is to find someone who compliments your psyche, an individual who will inspire & push u thru the darkness.